I fell in love with Baby Isha the moment she lovingly greeted with a big warm hug the second she entered the studio. My heart melted and I was in awe. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she willingly let me carry her around the meeting room while Sharmini got her hair and makeup done. So for this shoot, we decided to do a red theme with a bunch of Isha’s favorite things, one of which was CHERRIES! We kept the best part for last and only popped out her favorite cherries towards the end of the shoot (a good call because of the beautiful ness we were all about to make!) But even without the cherries, this little cutie was super animated and happy (as you can see in the photos to follow!).

It was such a blast photographing Sharmini, Naren and Isha who were all so sporting to pose and play in the shoot! It was also a great mini catch up session for Sharmini and I too… the last time I met up with her was back in 2013 for a brief moment at my wedding reception. It was also then when she whispered to me that she was 3 months preggars! Oh how time flies! Isha is a toddler now! (A terribly cute and adorable one!)

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