I was stoked to have the opportunity to work with award-winning Singapore-based architecture firm, RT+Q. My very first project with RT+Q dates back to quite a few years back when I photographed one of their KL projects, a private and very modern bungalow. (Click here for past project photos!)  Earlier this year, I was commissioned to photograph their latest YTL development in KL, The Capers at Sentul East. I was super excited about this project as I’ve seen the ingenious designs that have come from Rene and his team. When I first laid eyes on The Capers, I immediately thought of “Transformers” and was instantly inspired! Since its completion, the two uniquely shaped towers have become a landmark in Sentul East. It’s jagged geometry is striking and edgy.

The next couple of days were spent being completely immersed in modern architecture – sleek, clean-cut lines and symmetrical form, resonating RT+Q’s architectural signature design. The repetitive mono-toned shapes were thoughtfully off-set by luscious greenery that surrounded the towers. The view from the high floors of the residential units are breathtaking, especially at dusk, when the KLCC skyline lights up in the background. What adds to the view are the two beautiful green rooftop gardens that sit above the two low rise town houses. Mesmerizing!!!

It’s always so inspiring to have the opportunity to photograph architecture. Our creativity knows no boundaries and architecture is just another form of art, one that is translated into living spaces and is experienced as part of our everyday lives.  As I stand in the midst of these massive structures, I am humbled by the fact that the world we live in is another big art gallery…

01 Blog Capers-@-Sunrise-Sunset-102

02 Blog Capers-Details-128

03 Blog Capers-@-Sunrise-Sunset-111

04 Blog Capers-@-Sunrise-Sunset-114

05 Blog Capers-77

06 Blog Capers-079

07 Blog Capers-030

  10 Blog Capers-042 09 Blog 5C9A5477 08 Blog 5C9A5353

11 Blog Capers-086

12 Blog Capers-082

13 Blog Capers-092

16 Blog Capers-Details-145

15 Blog Capers-Details-152

14 Blog Capers-Details-132

19 Blog 5C9A5683

18 Blog 5C9A6114

17 Blog Capers-@-Sunrise-Sunset-107

Capers Interior

20 Blog Capers-Interior-02

23 Blog Capers-Interior-25

22 Blog Capers-Interior-24

21 Blog Capers-Interior-03

Some details and close ups…

24 Blog Capers-Details-144

30 Blog Capers-Details-138

27 Blog Capers-Details-162

28 Blog Capers-Details-157

29 Blog Capers-Details-141a

   25 Blog Capers-Details-164

26 Blog Capers-Details-139

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