Bali. There’s just something about the place that draws me to it. Perhaps it’s the quaint little boutiques, or the abundance of artsy fartsy galleries, or the posh beach/cliff side restaurants, or the Balinese massages, or the friendly locals… I’m thinking it’s more of the quaint shopping boutiques you find in Ubud and Seminyak…

Yes, this trip especially, I discovered a part of Bali I never really did in my past 3 trips there – SHOPPING in Seminyak! Thanks to Diwa & Sue who raved about Magali Pascal, a French designer who setup base in Bali, it was a MUST SEE on our list of To-Do’s. And I’m glad we didn’t leave the shopping to the very last day, coz I went back there to buy more stuff the next day! I never really thought of Bali for real shopping but now I have two additional things to add to my list of MUST DO’s! (the other, I shall keep p&c).

Last year, Kit proposed to Emilia at a church in Bali and hence, Bali was the location of choice for their pre-wedding photos! They had planned the trip from last year and we were all excited to go on another FIFOTO adventure! We stayed at Villa Baliku, a 3-room villa with our own private pool and maid service. I especially loved the sun and tanned by the pool while Steve spent most of his time in the water.

Our first location upon arrival in Bali was sunset at Uluwatu. Standing at the edge of a cliff with the sun setting behind them, Emilia looked mesmerizing her long flowy gown.

The next day, we woke up early and shot around our villa grounds before heading for lunch and making our way to the famous Rock Bar. The Rock Bar sits on a cliff in Ayana resort, and has a spectacular view of the ocean. We took some shots by the beach at sunset and spent the rest of the evening enjoying good music, food and good company, underneath the starry starry night.

Day 3 was set aside for shopping and eating! We headed to Ubud and had the famous Bebek Bengil for lunch. Right afterwards (as in immediately right after), we headed to another famous restaurant for Babi Guling, which I didn’t try of coz ( I don’t eat pork) but the rest seemed to have enjoyed themselves! Seminyak was our next spot and we spent a few hours there shopping!

We spent our last day chillin’ by the pool, sun bathing and pampered ourselves with massages by the pool. And before we headed to the airport, we all did a bit more last minute shopping! (I found myself back at Magali Pascal while Emilia & Aips returned to Nusa Dua to buy a bag she was eying)

It was a good but short trip (as all holidays are!) and I’m looking forward to our next FIFOTO vacation!

[Just for Fun] taken by the BIG GUNS

[Just for Fun] taken by the Lumix GF1

Lovin’ the B&W on the GF1!!!

Chillin’ by the pool before our sunset shoot…

Check out HOT preggars mammas…

Day 2

Kit wanted to know how he’d look with a tattoo…


At Rock Bar, Ayana Resort…

Day 3, Peeping Tom aka Steve

Shopping at Ubud

Bebek Bengil lunch @ Ubud

Right after lunch, we went for Babi Guling (lunch round II)

Our last day… one last dip and one last beer for the road!

Special thanks to Emilia & Kit for the perfect vacation!


  1. Melissa Wong
    June 2, 2010

    Love the pictures. Congrats to Kit and Emilia! 🙂

  2. Hsuan
    June 2, 2010

    Sooo beautiful…both the scenery and the couple!!! Congrats Kit & Emilia!! Looking at this pre wedding photos makes me miss our pre wedding photo session in Pulau Rawa!!

  3. WaiKit
    June 2, 2010

    Thanks Mel, Hsuan. We had a blast as the trip being holiday like, makes the picture taking greatly enjoyable and rewarding. And as always, whenever you are with Fi and Fifoto Crews, its always fun and sunny.

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