Wow, it’s been truly an eventful week. Got a lot of things done for my own wedding, had some great times catching up with friends and finally, we’ve also gotten our pre-wedding pictures taken by none other than Fiona herself!! It was truly a weird and enjoyable experience to be on the other side of the camera for once but more on that in the near future!

So what can I say about the lovely couple, Boon Heng and Jasmin? Well, in a nutshell, Boon Heng’s a laid back, fun loving, down to earth guy from Klang while Jasmin’s a sweet, joyful, “Edward Cullen” loving girl from TTDI. Put them both together and what we got was a truly loving and humorous wedding that I have shot in a while.

At Jasmin’s place at TTDI, it was quite an unusual experience as Boon Heng’s entourage “imported” some of Boon Heng’s friends from abroad to join in on the fun!! Needless to say, they had quite a challenge stomaching what was provided to them. This included eating some really raw bitter gourd and fiery hot chillies!

“I LOVE KLANG” button in which Boon Heng and his entourage were welcoming Jasmin into their hood.

Just before their wedding dinner at Hilton PJ, Boon Heng informed me that there was a need to photograph his family and relatives.  He did however warn me that it was a BIG family, so much so a separate special room was used for the family picture. And boy, he wasn’t kidding.

During dinner, their friends came up with a really humorous slideshow of comparing Boon Heng to Jasmin’s favorite cast from the movie Twilight – “Edward Cullen” as well as some tips to keep the passion after the wedding which was very well done indeed!

To the lovely couple, a very big congratulations to you both!! It has truly been a pleasure to have been a part of your joyous moments!!

Before I sign off, a personal note to Boon Heng “Good luck on the hopefully last installment of the Twilight movies”.

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