It seemed like quite awhile ago, that Steve and I took a road trip to Muar and captured the beautiful church wedding of Joanne, the daughter of a pastor, and Stephanus, a South African whose father is also a pastor. It was a match made in heaven, literally!

When Joanne had contacted me a few months back to book her pregnancy portraits with us, I was overjoyed to hear the good news and looked forward to catching up with the lovely couple! Nothing has changed much really… Joanne is still the soft-spoken, mild mannered sweet girl I met before, and Stephanus is the same old friendly self! It goes without saying, we had a fun hour at the studio and I’m looking forward to a very adorable lil girl in the next month or so!

And what could be a better gift for us at the studio than an iron and ironing board! Now these two will certainly be thought of all the time! What a perfect gift!

Congrats to Joanna and Stephanus!

Makeup by Shahnaz Baharuden


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