This post is long overdue. One year overdue, to be exact… After moving into our new studio (more than a year ago), we decided to try our hand at shooting cars, which was what I built the studio for. And so we did. It was pretty exciting for Nic, Jun & I as it was our first time shooting a car that was sitting right in front of us, inside the studio. A few years back, I was lucky enough to learn from an Indonesian commercial photographer who’s also a personal friend and sat in on a shoot he did for a car.

The process is painstakingly long and intricate. Lighting is key but more importantly, making sure that reflections of ourselves, our lights and equipment aren’t reflected in the shiny coat of paint. Everything had to be precise – what lights to use, where to place the lights and which angle to shoot from. It was very much a balancing act throughout the entire shoot, trying to balance those 3 factors. It took us an entire day to shoot both the photographs and the video but with good music playing in the background and with the good company of Nic & Jun, it was a memorable first for all of us, as all things “firsts” should be! Tell us what you think and if you’d like to see more cars!

We will be sharing a 2nd car post really soon so watch this space!!!

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And just for fun…. we did some light painting!!!

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Here’s the video !

Mercedes CLS – FIFOTO from FIFOTO Photography on Vimeo.

Photographer: Fiona. Assistants: Nicholas & Wei Jun. Digital Imaging: Nicholas.

Videographer: Nicholas. Assistant: Wei Jun. Video Editing: Nicholas.

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