I still remember it so clearly… it was June of 2014 when Fiona asked if I wanted to photograph her best friend, Raina’s wedding in Mexico. It was such a great opportunity I couldn’t resist the offer! Time flew by so quickly and the excitement was building up as I was traveling closer to Prague, Czech Republic to board my flight. A 13-hour long flight brought me all the way from the European continent to the Americas, somewhere I would only know from TV shows suddenly came true! Little did I know I would end up on the paradise of Playa Del Carmen which sits along the east coast of Quintana Roo, boasting beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters!

Raina is originally from Singapore and Kudzi is originally from Zimbabwe. Both of them are now US citizens but because of their different backgrounds, their wedding was an awesome mix of culture! What made their wedding weekend even more special were their friends and family whew flew in from all over the world.

This wedding shoot was like no other for me, in fact it was one of the best I’ve ever shot! Not because of how lush the decorations were nor how grand it looked, but the intimacy and bond that every single friend and family member had with each other. Raina and Kudzi are blessed with an abundance of love from everyone and I felt so honored to be able to document all those wonderful moments for them!

Their wedding rehearsal dinner was one of a kind for us. The bridesmaids were dressed in lovely sarees while the groomsmen wore traditional kurtas. During the party, Kudzi’s friends and family started singing and dancing to traditional African music and everyone danced to the beat! It was an amazing experience for Jackie and I!

The next day, Raina and Kudzi exchanged their vows on a beautiful beach right before sunset. Two very adorable flower girls (Raina & Kudzi’s nieces) kicked off the ceremony and was followed by an entourage of bridesmaids dressed in coral gowns. The groomsmen looked dashing in pink ties =) After the sun had set and dusk had settled over the ocean, the couple along with their entourage made a grand entrance with a Bollywood dance performance! performed an entertaining Indian dance routine to start the party. Towards the end of the night, we were all pleasantly surprised by a group of Light Performers who played the drums in water, gave us psychedelic light shows and even performed acrobatic acts!  Now that was definitely a first for me and is certainly one of the most exciting and fun weddings I’ve ever shot! What a night to remember!

Congratulations again Raina and Kudzi!! 🙂 Thank you for taking great care of us!

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Photography by Nicholas and Jackie

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