I’ve known Raina for 20 years now. We met in secondary school in Singapore. We were classmates and in our last two years at Raffles, we were best friends who hung out together everyday. I migrated to the US for University right after my ‘O’ levels while Raina decided to continue into Raffles Junior College. 2 years later, I find out that my best friend is attending the same university as me! When she arrived in Austin, Texas, it was just like yesterday, that no time had passed by and we were still the good friends we were two years before. I still remember so clearly…. the few months helping Raina settle into college life, into her new apartment and all… We both had a lot of fun in Austin and I must say, those were the best times of my life!

After I graduated, I moved back to KL while Raina stayed on in the US. This lucky girl actually won the US green card lottery, which instantly made her a US citizen! Although we remained in separate countries, half way across the globe, we kept in touch. Both of us made a point to meet up whenever we were in each others’ side of the world and we would do mini getaways together. Our friendship withstood the test of time and distance and thanks to Whatsapp, keeping in touch was easier than ever.

When Raina broke the news to me that she was engaged, I was overjoyed! I was even more excited to find out that her wedding was going to be at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and also honored to be one of her bridesmaids! The FIFOTO team was hired to photograph their wedding so we had planned everyday in Mexico carefully. We arrived a few days prior to the wedding day so that Nicholas, Jackie and I could squeeze in a simple engagement shoot for the lovely couple. It’s always a special feeling… to be able to photograph someone so close and so special. And to see the love they share for each other… and to know that Raina is in good hands… that’s just heartwarming!

Dear Raina, thank you for being such a good friend to me… for always being there for me, for always supporting me, for always going crazy with me. I am so happy for you and Kudzi because from all the years I’ve gotten to know Kudzi, I’ve found him to be warm, sincere, sporting and (ahem-walking-into-pools) crazy just like you. Love you both! Congrats on EVERYTHING!

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Photography by Fiona, Nicholas and Jackie

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