Luck would have it that my next pregnancy shoot was with a gorgeous hot soon-to-be mommy with some experience in modeling. I did not know at first, even when she came to meet at our studio and talked about doing something high fashion with her pregnancy shoot. I thought, “oh great! Something different!”. I should have known something snazzy was about to come out of the shoot when she mentioned she’d bring her collection of Issey Miyake dresses. It was even more of a bonus on the shoot day itself when the camera clicked away…. Reikko knew exactly how to pose, she knew her best angles and knew exactly what she wanted. Her stylish short boy cut, slick designer outfits and whimsical poses gave it all a very art-deco feel, especially with our mascot poodle at the studio!

With a pregnancy body like a goddess (and yet she was complaining she was chubs!) it was so easy to shoot Reikko! With props hubby and poodle Momo who was specially groomed (and fur dyed red) for the shoot, it felt almost like a Sunday picnic outing in Wonderland!

Congrats to the lovely couple on their new addition to the family!

Photography by Fiona

Makeup + Hair by Shahnaz

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