When Ming from Design Team inquired with us for a commercial shoot for Royal Selangor with the special request that we use only natural lighting for all the shots, we were a little apprehensive and taken aback. We work in a studio precisely to control light. Natural lighting throws the elements of planning and shooting off and with the kind of weather we have in KL, whether we would have sun light to work with in the first place would be the question at hand. After many weeks of planning, coordination and discussions (and praying for good weather), it was finally shoot day. The next 2 days turned out to be the most interesting and exhilarating shoot. Ever.

We spent the next 2 days chasing sunlight, looking for harsh shadows (something we always aim to avoid in photos) and gruesomely arranging props on the table to perfecting the image. The concept for this series of ads were to capture life mid-action, to portray real life situations and how Royal Selangor products can be used in our daily lives (and not just purchased as gifts or souvenirs). From whiskey legs to half-eaten kuachi shells, Ming worked closely with Yoon Li, the Executive Director of Royal Selangor to ensure each scene in the ads were depicted as genuinely as possible. Leading up to the shoot, Ming and her team made sure they got the freshest greens and the prettiest fruits. She even made meringue to use in the shoot! (Which we all got to eat as a treat!) It was my first time working in an all female team – everyone from Design Team were passionate, zealous ladies and boy, it was such a pleasure working with clients who know exactly what they want! Our all-female group synergy was beyond amazing. All of us were meticulous, precise and perfectionists. I wished we had some Behind the scenes shots of us carefully picking out the shoot-worthy cilantro bunches and painstakingly “posing” each individual leaf! Amidst looking into all this detail, time was working against us as we had a limited time frame to catch that perfect natural sunlight. Photography has never been such a heart-pounding experience for me. I see the sun, cilantro and breadcrumbs in a completely different light these days… in a good way, of course =)

I’d just like to say how grateful we are to have had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team!

Circa Collection


 Chateau Collection



Melon Teapot


Vapour Collection


Horizontal Ads




Photography by Fiona Lim

Assisted by Michelle Wong

Concept + Art Direction by Ming Tung (Design Team)

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