It’s the last day of work for me before my long year end break and as with all pre-vacation days, I’m drowning in work trying to rush out everyone’s photos for my all my eager clients! Luckily I’m about 90% packed for my Korea trip and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

I looked forward to our pre-wedding shoot with this cute, quirky and one of the most chillax couples! For one, it was back in Penang which meant I got to be home (even though I only saw 1 hour of my bed) and eat my favorite foods! (unfortunately, we didn’t have time for Sister’s CKT). But what I was especially looking forward to was to see how Su Ning, being a stylist,  had put together her gowns! (and of course, they were gorgeous selections intricately and carefully planned which looked fab on her!) And to add to this, I was certain of an entertaining session as Terry was definitely a joker!

And indeed it was a fun-filled session, albeit the lack of cooperation from the weather… (I think I might have lost touch with my weather bomoh skills.. ) It worked out well though as we ended up on a nearby jetty after shooting at the Blue Mansion and the E&O. They were adventurous enough and sporting enough to “rough” it out, especially Su Ning in her pretty white gown, and made our way to the jetty! As some Japanese tourists disembarked a boat, they were intrigued and even took pictures of the bride and groom!

It was a long day for Jason & I as we drove in early morning and left that night itself. But it was well worth the effort! The cute couple is especially fun, bubbly, entertaining… ! Just look at their photos and you’ll see what I mean!

Congrats to Terry & Su Ning!!!! May you have many little cute mini-me’s in no time!

… this was the last photo we took before calling it a wrap and it’s my favorite for the day!!!

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  1. Suhaidi
    December 21, 2010

    Very nice Fiona. Well done!


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