Jackie and I were stoked. Not only was it going to be our first time traveling together and our first destination shoot for 2014, it made it into our FIFOTO Book of Records for the longest Pre-Wedding Shoot Ever!  We were all set and prepared to leave on a jet plane!

Victor is Malaysian who found his soulmate, Koy in the bustling city of Bangkok when he was commissioned for a stint there for work. We arrived in the afternoon, checked into our hotel in the Sukhumvit area and had a quick lunch at Mos Burger (my favorite!!) It was really nice to meet Koy for the first time who initially seemed a little reserved and shy but soon warmed up to us. Our first location was Chinatown in Bangkok. We hopped into a cab and the cab was forced to exit the highway and do a detour due to the on-going protests. The cab had to drop us off because there was no way of getting to Chinatown. We ended up walking to the nearest MRT station and took the train to our first location.  And what a way to start the shoot! It was an adventure on its own just making our way there!

When we finally got there, the street was  hustling and bustling with locals, tourists and hawker stalls. The scene was perfect for colorful night life shots but the busy area also made it very difficult for us to maneuver and shoot. We had to watch out for the heavy traffic, our camera gear and at the same time, concentrate on photographing the couple. It was hectic and stressful. The shots of them crossing the road was the most challenging, not to mention, DANGEROUS! There were traffic coming right at us as we shot right in the middle of the street! Oh what an adrenalin rush both Jackie & I had! But it was all worth it! Plus, we managed to try some local desserts too!
It was a very early start the next day. We headed straight to the Marble Temple for some pretty morning sun and managed to capture the residents of the temple (the pigeons) and a few monks… We spent a little bit more time at the temple than expected but it was all good. We were rewarded with super awesome local fried Pad Thai for lunch. It was definitely the best pad Thai I’ve ever had!!!

We returned to the hotel to checkout and then boarded the coolest, funkiest limou-van ever (it came with led lights, disco balls and a mini display to watch music videos!) to head to Hua Hin. It was about a 2.5hr drive and we made it there in time for sunset shots by the beach.

The best part about traveling with locals, I must say, is the food. They always know the best places to eat and they always know what to order! That night, Koy’s mom brought us to a quaint beachside seafood restaurant. The food was amazing (despite the chilly windy weather which I totally wasn’t prepared for!)

Day 3 was another early morning for us. We woke up early and headed to the railway station and managed to capture some shots on the railway tracks. This was my very first time shooting on the railway tracks and I was ecstatic!!! I loved the depth of field and the leading lines on the tracks and we were blessed with overgrown “lalang” which are my favorite kind of shots!

Our next (and last) stop was the Swiss Cheese Farm. I felt like a kid again! In spite of the name, the place doesn’t really make cheese. It’s more like a tourist attraction/mini wonderland for kids. They have all sorts of farm animals for visitors to play with, pet or feed. All of us had the most fun in the sheep corner! Victor bought milk to feed the lambs and it was indeed a very special experience! (yes, I had the opportunity to feed one too and it’s an indescribable feeling! I was overjoyed!). We asked if we could photograph one lamb at the swing and the caretaker went into the barn and cradled one special lamb out for photos!!!! It had beautiful black markings on the face and was so clean, white and fluffy!!!! It was toooooooo cute!

We ended the shoot about 1.5hrs later and I was still bouncing from wall to wall with joy! It felt really nice to be a kid again and this is exactly why I love my job! Every day, every shoot brings something new and exciting!
What a way to start the year! Congrats to Victor & Koy and Happy Wedding Planning!!!!
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  1. Victor S
    March 19, 2014

    Hey Fiona, this is such a nice post, you write about our adventures in Thailand so well. We all had a good time and will cherish this great event of our lives. So lucky to have a good friend like you to come and photograph us and for your team’s help in producing beautiful albums and slideshows. Catch up soon! 🙂


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