One of the things we are always grateful for in our line of work is having the privilege of seeing families grow. In Zara’s case, we started photographing even before she was born! We first met Zara when she was only about 2 months old and Joanne have been bringing the family back to the studio almost every year now!

Our yearly shoots aren’t really work to us anymore but more of a hangout/catch up session with Joanne and her family. Meeting Zara once a year is just like watching a time lapse… every year, her features change and each time she visits us, she looks so different. Now, she has grown into a sweet little girl, no longer a baby nor a toddler! Oh how time flies!

For this shoot, we decided to have balloons for Zara to play with. The fun she had posing and playing with the balloons made for super cute photos! Even the adults had a good time running through the balloon maze we created for them =)

And for the formal shots, we decided to go with traditional wear. Joanne comes from a mix parentage – her mom is Indonesian Chinese and her dad is Indian. The Little Miss Indian girl in me suggested an Indian themed setting because I love the vibrant colors of sarees and how they make our photos POP! Stephanus is South African and I’d like to suggest a traditional South African theme for next year!

We also managed to squeeze in a few shots for a collage I wanted to do for Joanne and her family, depicting each family member and the different generations…

Big hugs to Joanne & Stephanus for their continued love and support for FIFOTO all these years!

If you’d like to see how Baby Zara grew up…. Here’s Baby Zara at 2 months, 7 months and 1 & 2 years !

01 Zara-4yrs-061 02 Zara-4yrs-238 03 Zara-4yrs-175 04 Zara-4yrs-196 05 Zara-4yrs-226 06 Zara-4yrs-211 07 Zara-4yrs-219

08 Zara-4yrs-246 09 Zara-4yrs-072 10 Zara-4yrs-135 11 Zara-4yrs-108 12 Zara-4yrs-120 13 Zara-4yrs-151 14 Zara-4yrs-159 15 Zara-4yrs-146

16 Zara-4yrs-250

17 Zara-4yrs-257

18 Zara-4yrs-261

19 Zara-4yrs-267

20 Zara-4yrs-278

21 1st-Generation

22 2nd-Generation

Photography by Fiona

Makeup and Hair by Pauline

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