From fairytale weddings to throbbing parties, from stylized portraits to captivating location and commercial photography, FIFOTO will be there to capture each event, face or place with a smile. Established in 2005 by Fiona Lim, the brand is synonymous with distinct quality and professionalism.

The team at FIFOTO is a unique one. Comprised of a group of young urban individuals who come from the corporate world, the FIFOTO team fervently pursues a passion and shoots with a vengeance. The bi-product of this lethal combination is a fresh and vibrant take on life, captured through every photo, with every assignment.


Today, FIFOTO is an established photography studio and has made its mark in the Malaysian photography and wedding industry. All thanks to the continuous support of clients, friends, family and a dedicated team.


We would like to invite you to a visually stimulating journey through our galleries. So take a stroll, click through our portfolio and don't be afraid to contact us or to simply say "Hi!"


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